Coosa River Team Trail LLC Tournament Rules


These rules shall remain unchanged through out the year season, unless it is the opinion of the tournament officials that an addition or change would further the concept of fairness all. Interpretation and enforcement of all rules shall be left exclusively to the Director and or committee. The Director may impose sanctions as deemed approriate for any rule infraction without limitations e.g., disqualifications, forfeiture of prizes and/ or entry fee, and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments. Federal, State, Local and Lake laws must be obeyed and shall supersede Coosa River Team Trail LLC Rules. Anyone that has ever been disqualified from any Bass Tournament event due to reasons of honesty, automatically disqualify themselves from being elgible to fish and Coosa River Team Trail LLC Events.


An Annual Association Fee of $35.00 per Angler is required. A properly and completely filled out entry form, signed by both partners along with $125.00 entry fee, must be submitted prior to the blast off of each tournament. One team member must beat least 18 years of age. You must fish with the same partner for each tournament. You can change partners at any time, but you will not receive points from a previous team. You will be allowed a substitution during the regular season. You maybe allowed an extra substitution by the director if it’s medical, or because of some thing beyond your control. But must be given permission by the director prior to blast off. (Partner is working an event or on vacation will not qualify for an extra substitution.) No substitute for the Championship unless it’s medical or uncontrolable and must be cleared by the director first. If allowed a substitute by the director the sub must of also fished the Coosa River Team Trail LLC. You will be allowed to fish by yourself in any event or the classic also.


During tournaments hours, including the weigh in, the use of alcoholic beverages and/ or narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited. Legally prescribed medications are permitted only if their use does not impair the user to the extent that they are a hazard tp themselves or others.


Safe boating and high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy shall be observed at all times during the events.


Safe Boating conduct must be observed at all times. A chest type Personal Flotation Device (PFD) must be worn whenever the combustion engine is running and on plane, a working kill switch must be attached to the operator. Failure to do so, will result in Automatic Disqualification. Only exception is loading and unloading the boat.


There is no horsepower limit, however, no engine may exceed the crafts BIA horsepower rating. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard Regulations. All boats must have functioning aerated live well that is sufficient enough to keep a limit of fish alive and in a releasable condition at the conclusion of the weigh in. No JET Boats allowed in any CRTT events.


Only Artificial lures are permitted. No Live bait or prepared bait is permitted. Only one rod may be used at a time. Additional rods may be prepared and rready for use, but each cast must be completed and the line out of the water before another cast can be made. Trolling by any mechanical means is prohibited. The use of under water cameras is not permitted during competition, which would include and official practice days. All fish must be hooked in the mouth, ABSOLUTELY NO SNAGGING OF ANY FISH. No umbrella or Alabama rigs of any kind allowed.


ALL PROTEST MUST BE SUBMITTED, IN WRITING, PRIOR TO THE OFFICIAL CLOSING OF THE SCALES. SIGNED BY THE PERSON OR PERSONS PROTESTING. If you come up and protest be prepared to write it down and sign it or we will not enforce any protest.


Any off limits will be announced prior to blast off. No fishing with in 50 yards of another anchored boat with there trolling motor up, unless that boat operator gives everyone permission to be with in their buffer area.


There will only be one (1) official check in point , which will be designated before blast off. The official time keeper’s time is final. Failure to check in is grounds for disqualification. There will be a late PENALTY assessed at the rate of one (1) pound per minute for the first 15 minutes. After 15 minutes no weight will be allowed.


All contestants are subject to polygraph testing. Failure to submitting to testing will be grounds for disqualification, And future CRTT EVENTS.


Only LARGE MOUTH and SPOTTED BASS will be weighed. Fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed and tail pinched or fanned. The Team Limit is 5 fish with a minimum length of twelve (12) inches. Any team bringing a short fish to the scales will be penalized one (1) pound and loss of short fish. There will be a .50 (½) pound penalty for each dead fish weighed in.


You must cull when you catch your sixth (6) fish. No more then five (5) fish in your live well at any given time. Any team bringing more than 5 fish to the scales, will have there catch culled down to 5 fish limit starting with there biggest fish and a 1 pound penalty. Any team caught culling at the ramp or in the parking lot. Will have a one (1) pound penalty against there total weight.


You must fish or pay in advance for six (6) of the regular events in order to qualify for the 2 day championship. If your gonna need to pay for a tournament and not fish it. You will need to pay for that tournament before blast off of said tournament. The two (2) day championship with be $150.00 entry with an optional $20.00 big fish pot. We will pay big fish both days of the championship.


The anglers of the year will be decided by a points system starting with 150 points for 1st place 149 for 2nd place etc. If there is a tie in a tournament the two teams will share the highest points and money for the two spots. Example if there is a tie for 5th place the two teams will share both 5th and 6th place money and 146 points for 5th place. 7th place will receive 144 points etc. If there is a tie for the ANGLER OF THE YEAR the two teams will have a fish off during the classic and the team with the most weight for the two days will be the Anglers of the year.


1 Entry forms must be filled out completely we need all information NO EXCEPTIONS
2 You must be signed up and live wells checked 20 mins prior to blast off time, no exceptions if you are not signed up and have your live wells checked you will have to wait until after blast off to do so.
3 No off limits at any of the lakes this year.
4 All fish must be released back into the water after weighing in at the weigh in area.
5 You must fish 6 out of the 8 to advance into the classic.
6 Please read all rules as some have changed and the eligibility of substitutes has changed.


In consideration of Coosa River Team Trail will allow me to participate in this tourament, I acknowledge and agree as follows: I have read and understand the description of the tournament and the Official Rules of this tournament. I will obey all rules and understandd that any violation may result in my immediate disqualification without refund of my entry fee. I also understand that tournament officials may reject my application for any reason and in that event my entry fee will be refunded. I understand and acknowledge that competitive fishing is a dangerous sport. The risks of which include, though not exclusively, drowning, collision in the water and injuries from hooks and other fishing paraphernalia. I voluntarily assume responsibility for the risk, identified and not identified and all risk of injury or death or damage to myself, or my property or to others, including spectators and their property arising from my participation in the tournament. I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Coosa River Team Trail, its shareholders, officers, directors, agents partners, agents or employees,and all other persons or entities associated with the tournament from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action which are related to, arise out of, or are inany way connected with my participation in this tournament.Including specifically, but not limited,the negligent acts or omissions of Coosa River Team Trail, its shareholders, officers, directors, agents, and employees,the hosts, sponsors and tournament officials, and its partners,agents or employees and all other persons or entities associated with the tournament for any and all injury, death, illness or disease,and other damage or loss to property suffered by myself or others. Insigning this document, I acknowledge and agree that if anyone is hurt or property is damaged while I am engaged in this event, I will have no rights to make a claim or file a lawsuit against Coosa River TeamTrail, its shareholders, officers, directors, agents or employees, the hosts, sponsors, officials and all other persons or entities associatedwith the tournament,even if they or any of them negligently caused the bodily injury or property damage. Should it become necessary for Coosa Coosa River Team Trail, or someone on its behalf, to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this agreement, or any portion thereof, I agree to pay the reasonable costs and attorney’s fees thereby expended, for which liability is incured. I have sufficient health, accident and liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage incurred by myself or others as a result of my participation in this event. If I have no such insurance, I represent that I am capable of paying for any and all such expenses or liability. My signature on this document reflects that I have read this entire document, understand it completly, understand that it affects my legal rights, and agree to be bound by its terms. References herein to ”I”, “my” “Myself” and other first person references shall include any child or ward for which I sign.