If you like fishing tournaments with terrific GUARANTEED payouts, come join the Coosa River ream Trail LLC.

The CRTT will host 8 regular season Toumaments and a 2 day End of Season

Coosa River Team Trail LLC regular season events have a guaranteed payout Of at least $9,000.00. The end of season Classic Championship. payout is a minimum of $5,000.00, guaranteed.

The Coosa River Team Trail LLC will also be doing two City Tournaments in 2021. They will  not count as a regular tournaments or have any points towards angler of the year. The payouts will be different from the Crtt as they are set by the city’s. In 2021 we will be doing one for the City of Gadsden as we have always done. Plus doing one with the City of Lincoln/fire dept it’s a fun raiser for burned victums. Capt Joshua Vincent Will be putting this tournament on and we will be working with him and doing the reg and weigh in. Hope to see you all at these two city tournaments also.

Dates Lake Ramp
February 13 th Lay Lake Bees Wax Ramp
March 6 th Neely Henry Lake Coosa Landing
March 20 th Weiss Lake Little River Marina
 May 22nd Logan Martin Lake Lincoln Landing
June 5th Neely Henry Lake Coosa Landing
June 26 th Logan Martin Lake Lincoln Landing
July 10 th Neely Henry Lake Coosa  Landing
July 24 th Logan Martin Lake

Lincoln Landing

Sept 18th & 19th 2021 Classic
October 2nd Free Tournament
October 17th Snag Proof Open Featuring
Scum Frog  Tournament
Neely Henry Lake
Logan Martin Lake
Lake Guntersville

Coosa Landing

Lincoln Landing

Launch from any Ramp on Guntersville.

Must be present at Registration Meeting October 16th 

Meeting place to be announced at a later date

Classic Championship September 18th & 19th Neely Henry Lake, Coosa Landing. You must fish 6 out of the 8 regular tournaments

You must fish or pay for all 8 regular tournaments to go to the free tournament. They must be paid on or before a tournament if your not fishing it. 

Guaranteed Payouts for each Coosa River
Team Trail LLC Tournament

  1.  $2000.00 
  2.  $1000.00 
  3.  $1000.00
  4. $1000.00
  5. $1000.00
  6. $500.00
  7. $500.00
  8. $500.00
  9. $500.00
  10. $500.00 

     Big Fish $500.00